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Vision & Values

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Our vision and values guide us in our Purpose and Mission, which Is that together we enable and empower all learners to succeed and  contribute their full potential to the future.

Imagine with all their mind...

Believe with all their heart.....

Achieve with all their might...

Our Core Values... 

 drive everything that we do at Churchtown

Respect for all, Love of learning, Fun & Happiness , Friendship & Family, 

Skills for life, Growth & Development and Courage

Our Vision... 

is to be an Innovative, inspiring learning community, where children, teachers and parents all learn alongside each other. At Churchtown we strive to develop a love of learning that holds no boundaries whatever the subject may be.

We have created and developed a safe and supportive environment that is inclusive, caring and where everyone has a sense of belonging to the school, local community and beyond.

We are developing a 21st century, broad and balanced curriculum that cultivates curiosity and enquiry, that sparks imagination and opens minds. We belive that there is no barrier to what anyone can achieve. 

Our Curriculum Drivers ... 

focus on independence, real life purpose and a sense of our diverse community that we live in. We plan for learners to have opportunities to lead their own learning, learn new skills, take risks, be innovative and inspired.

We  believe in developing a "growth mindset" for all children and that effort and grit rather than innate intelligence is the route to success. 

We are here to help every child grow; grow as human beings, grow intellectually and grow in maturity and character.

It is our job to make sure that every child is equipped to do something special with their life  and we will strive every single day,  alongside their parents and carers to help each child grow into truly exceptional people.

Respect for All

Love of Learning

Friendship & Family

Fun & Happiness

Skills for Life

Growth & Development