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Vision & Values

Our Vision and Values

Our vision and values guide us in our Purpose and Mission, which Is that together we enable and empower all learners to succeed and  contribute their full potential to the future.

Imagine with all their mind...

Believe with all their heart...

Achieve with all their might...

Our Vision... 

As a school we acknowledge the importance of academic achievements and we want every child to achieve the very best that they are capable of. Alongside this we place importance on the development of the ‘whole child’ and we want to ensure that our children grow as individuals and value their place in our community and in our rapidly changing world.

We are developing an ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum that cultivates curiosity and enquiry, that sparks imagination and opens minds. We believe that there is no barrier to what anyone can achieve. We aim to provide an Innovative, inspiring learning community, where children, teachers and parents all learn alongside each other.

We have created and developed a safe and supportive environment that is inclusive, caring and where everyone has a sense of belonging to the school, local community and beyond. We  believe in developing a positive mindset for all children and that effort and grit as well as innate intelligence is the route to success. We are here to help every child grow; grow as human beings, grow intellectually and grow in maturity and character. It is our job to make sure that every child is equipped to do something special with their life  and we will strive every single day,  alongside their parents and carers to help each child grow into truly exceptional people.

Our Core Values drive everything that we do at Churchtown…

Respect for all, Love of learning, Fun & Happiness , Friendship & Family, Skills for life,

Growth & Development and Courage

Our Curriculum Drivers ... 

Focus on Oracy, Building Relationships, Independence and Real Life Learning. 

Oracy  - We want every child at Churchtown to be a Confident Communicator and find their voice: as such we are developing a comprehensive approach to Oracy within our school which is multi-layered, and permeates beyond the classroom and into the fabric of school life. 

  • We empower our children to become confident, articulate and engaging speakers.  

  • We use purposeful talk to drive their learning across the curriculum, deepening children’s knowledge, understanding and reasoning. 

  • We immerse children in a word rich environment and through a love of reading we take them on their journey into the written word.

  • We have built a whole-school culture which values and celebrates Oracy, in classrooms and beyond.

Building relationships  - We want every child at Churchtown to be able to be a productive and active member of our school community. 

  • We prioritise open and honest communication to build healthy relationships linked to well-being. 

  • We work together and get along (building co-operation skills)

  • Understanding the impact of their behaviour on others and to develop their personal and social skill set. 

  • Engage respectfully with the wider school community. 

  • Trust and Mutual respect 

  • We encourage everyone to develop their own sense of identity and have positive self-esteem.  

  • Successful relationships + respectful behaviour = Effective learning

Independence  - We want every child at Churchtown to be an Independent Learner

  • By developing resilience.  

  • Having a positive mindset 

  • By demonstrating their best effort and appreciating that learning is supposed to be challenging and will involve making mistakes. 

  • Through asking questions and problem solving. 

  • They display self-confidence and can reflect upon decisions, making independent and informed choices. 

Real life purpose  - We want to give every child the opportunity to connect their learning and provide real life experiences that they can relate to their learning. 

  • We have established a clear rationale for learning (the ‘why’ we do it / Big Picture) 

  • We engage all learners with a range of first hand experiences

  • We encourage learning outside of the classroom.


Respect for All

Love of Learning

Friendship & Family

Fun & Happiness

Skills for Life

Growth & Development