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World's Largest Lesson

One of the biggest lessons we can teach our children is how to protect the future of our planet. To do this, UNICEF are supporting the ‘World’s Largest Lesson’ and encouraging schools to work towards 17 global goals. This year’s theme ‘Every Plate Tells a Story’ invites pupils to consider the impact of their food choices on themselves and the planet.

Autumn 1 - 'Zero hunger' 

The focus for Autumn 1 was global goal 2, ‘Zero Hunger’. As part of Harvest Festival, our Eco Champions asked their class friends to produce something to display at our local church. Our display was a fantastic success and helped us to express thanks for the good things we enjoy. Rector Rebecca requested that our display was kept up for the church’s weekend service and even featured in a local wedding! We had a range of work displayed, including: paintings, drawings and sculptures inspired by a range of artists and authors, poems, placemats, ‘send a smile’ cards, fruit and vegetable printing, a wreath of messages expressing thanks, leaf painting, potato people, baked goods, collages made out of dried pasta shapes, rice and beans and so much more! 

The School Council continue to provide charity food to pupils and their families on the playground, donated by TESCO. 

We also thought carefully about how to reduce our food waste in school. We spent time alongside our lunchtime supervisors and helped by: 

- Monitoring the food waste from each Year group

- Asking Mr Griffiths lots of questions (e.g. where does all the food waste go? Would you consider cooking with food unused/leftover in the kitchen to sell on the playground in the form of a soup? How accurate are the dinner numbers that you get?) 

- Observing closely to see which foods are most unpopular on our deli bar

- Encouraging children to stick to the meal choices they ordered in the morning (e.g. if you ordered a hot dinner, you must have a hot dinner)

- Sharing the hashtags that we created in our Eco meeting (#ReduceWasteAtChurchtown #ChurchtownChallenge) 



On the 11.10.18 a group of our Eco Champions visited Southport Foodbank. We found out that the Foodbank provides supplies for a variety of people. For those on low incomes, a sudden crisis such as redundancy, benefit delay or even an unexpected bill, can mean going hungry. We saw all the food that our school donated during Harvest Festival and helped pack it into the correct boxes. We really enjoyed our trip to the Foodbank and having our questions answered by the kind-hearted volunteers.