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Year 1

In Year 1 we continue to provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum that allows for creative thinking and the development of independent skills. We aim to teach this through a range of fun and exciting activities which underpin the learning of the key skills across the curriculum. 

Year Group Information

Class 1L

Teacher: Mr Lomax

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Peake

PE: Monday/Tuesday

Music: Tuesday morning

Field: Monday/Tuesday


Class 1PC

Teacher: Mrs Coysh

Teaching Assisstant: Miss Gannon

PE: Monday/Tuesday

Music: Tuesday morning

Field: Monday/Tuesday

Class 1I

Teacher: Miss Iddon

Teaching Assisstant: Mrs Gavan

PE: Monday/ Tuesday

Music: Tuesday morning

Field: Monday/Tuesday


Class 1W 

Teacher: Mrs Williams 

Teaching Assisstant: Mrs Gough and Miss Alty

PE: Monday/Tuesday

Music: Tuesday morning

Field: Monday/Tuesday


Over the Rainbow (Autumn 1)

Quality Text: Katie and the Sunflowers

In the first half of the Autumn term we follow the topic 'Over the Rainbow'. During this topic we look at ourselves, we learn about different artists such as Vinvent Van Gogh, observe and describe the ever changing weather patterns and learn about the 5 senses and the human body.


Yummy (Autumn 2)

Quality text: The gingerbread man

In this Theme, the children follow the fairytale story of the gingerbread man and develop their understanding of a healthy lifestyle, looking at the benefits of healthy eating and where food comes from. We will be taking a trip to see a local farmer, pick our own veegtables and cook a delicious dish in cookery classes.


Where the wild things are (Spring 1)

Quality Text: The Bog Baby

To start off the Spring term, our Theme 'Where the wild things are' takes us through nature to find the Bog Baby. During this Theme the children will identify and name different groups of animals, develop an understanding of capacity by creating Bog Baby juice and use their creative skills to make a home for the Bog baby.  A very exciting topic for all the children!


Roar! (Spring 2)

Quality Text: The wonderful egg and T-Rex Drip

During this Theme, the children travel back through time to explore the fascinating subject of Dinosaurs. They explore facts and fossils and create top trump cards about their favourite dinosaurs. We have a very special visit from Mr Plater, a dinosaur expert. Click here to see our Dinostar visit pictures. Alongside this Theme the children learn about baptism and make a visit to our local Church St Cuthbert's. Click here to see the pictures of this visit.

You can find out more about this Theme during our special class performances at the end of the Spring term!


Shhh! Dont wake the Giant! (Summer 1)

Quality Text: Jack and the Beanstalk

To start off the summer term, the children learn about Jack and the Beanstalk.  The children use their creative skills in various ways throughout this theme and learn to identify different plants and trees. Year 1 will be starting Tennis as part of their PE sessions during this half term.

During the summer term Year 1 will be going on an exciting school trip.


Southport (Summer 2)

Quality Text: Meerkat Mail

We will be learning more about the town we live in, Southport! We will be enhancing geographical skills by making maps and looking at landmarks around us. We will also be exploring different places in the world.

We are looking forward to our Year 1 sports day during this half term.

Click here to see our year group overview 

Home Tasks 

In Year 1, we expect children to read at home with an adult most nights or whenever possible and for this to be recorded in their reading diaries.

We aim to provide children with a range of homework activities to prepare for or consolidate their classroom learning.  Homework will be given out on Thursday to be finished by the following Tuesday unless otherwise instructed. 

High frequency word books will be sent home every Thursday and we ask for your child to learn these words for the following wednesday.

Spelling books will be send home every Friday and we ask for your child to learn these spellings to consolidate their learning in letters and sounds each week.


Theme links:

Maths links:

Apps and maths games on websites are a good way of developing rapid recall of number facts. We want the children to be fluent in their understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We also want them to be able to reason, explain their ideas and solve problems.

This website has a lot of games, including number bonds, ordering, place value, addition and subtraction.

There are some great apps too. Some are free, and some cost a small amount, but are worthit. 


Math Bingo

This one develops children’s addition and subtraction skills. They may need to use concrete resources like counters to work out the answers to begin with, but with encouragement help them to count on using fingers or a number track. Knowing that addition can be done in any order and remembering facts help with this game. You can also increase the difficulty rating too.



This is a free app and has such a range of great activities! It is a super app with a great virtual teacher to guide the children through the tasks which cover everything from basic number work to sequences, position and direction, fractions, shapes, mathematical language, division and more! The initial app is free, but it is worth paying for the full package. 

Numberjacks – Addition Facts up to 10

This app is one of several Numberjacks apps perfect for younger

 children. It provides a good collection of basic addition activities: get to

 a target number in small steps of your choice, calculate addition

 sums against the clock and inverses of addition to 10.  


Pirate Treasure Hunt

This is a free app providing a variety of problem solving opportunities for the children. As you help Pirate Jack to find the hidden treasure you take part in mathematical and literacy based tasks: shapes, spelling, addition sums, sequencing, and time problems, etc.  

Mental Maths is all about the ability to jump from

one calculation to another and adapt to this at speed.  This is a well designed app with a

range of useful features – starter questions, practise sessions and progress tests which

become increasingly harder with continued progression

Maths Skill Builders Bundle (UK)

This is my personal favourite. It allows children to build new skills and gives them challenges to complete, where they can see their progress. Here are some screenshots.