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Year 3

In Year 3 we continue to provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum that allows for creative thinking and the development of independent skills. We aim to teach this through a range of fun and exciting activities, which underpin the learning of key skills across the curriculum. 

Year Group Information

Class 3A

Teacher: Miss Armour

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Armitage

PE: Swimming (last session on 16.7.18)

Field: Summer 2 - Thursday (striking and fielding)

Music: Thursday morning



Class 3S

Teacher: Miss Suffell

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Smith and Mrs Hipwell

PE: Swimming (last session on 16.7.18)

Field: Summer 2 - Thursday (athletics)

Music: Thursday morning

Class 3L

Teacher: Miss Lucas

Teaching Assistants: Miss Barlow, Mrs Partington, Miss Godfrey, Mrs Bowen

PE:  Swimming (last session on 16.7.18)

Field: Summer 2 - Thursday (striking and fielding)

Music: Thursday morning


Class 3DW

Teachers: Mrs Duncan and Mrs Williams

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cottrell

PPA cover: Mrs Gough

PE: Swimming (last session on 16.7.18)

Field: Summer 2 - Thursday (athletics)

Music: Thursday morning


Only One You! (2 weeks) Time Travellers (Autumn 1)

Quality Text: 'Only One You' and Horrible Histories 'Rotten Romans'

At the beginning of the year, Year 3 are transported back in time. They consider how planet Earth was created, from both a Christian and scientific perspective, before moving towards the Roman time period. The children extend their knowledge through reading non-fiction texts, including extracts from the Horrible History series.  During this half-term there is a large focus upon place value, as this underpins the children's understanding of key mathematical concepts. Maths then moves on to focus upon addition and subtraction. In Science, the children develop their investigative skills and explore rocks and fossils.

Time Travellers  (Autumn 2)

Quality Text: 'Escape from Pompeii’ by Christina Balit

In Autumn 2, we continue our 'Time Travellers' theme, focusing upon the Romans. The children learn about why the Romans came to Britain and what they did for our country. Towards the end of the term, we hold a Roman day, which allows the children to embed their knowledge and experiences. The quality text, 'Escape from Pompeii' is set during Roman times and re-tells the tragic story of Mount Vesuvius' eruption. The children study the physical geography of volcanoes and other natural disasters. This knowledge aids the children in writing their own disaster stories and shape poems. In Maths, this half-term, the children focus upon multiplication and division. In Science, the children continue their knowledge of rocks focusing on volcanoes.

Road Trip  (Spring 1)

Quality Text: 'Diary of a Killer Cat' by Anne Fine

During this half-term, there is a strong Geography focus. The children study the physical and human geography of the UK, and each class focuses upon a different European country. The children begin to name and locate major cities, counties and rivers, in England, through the use of an atlas. They also describe some of the key mountain ranges and coastlines. They compare a European country with the UK, discussing any similarities and differences. In English, we focus on writing recounts, which links nicely with the quality text. In Maths, we continue our focus upon multiplication and division and begin to tell the time on an analogue and digitial clock. In Science, the children develop their knowledge of animals and skeletons.

Enchanted! (Spring 2)

Quality Text: 'Jack and the Beanstalk'

During this theme, the children work hard to create their own pantomime. The children look at a range of texts based upon the traditional tale and identify the features of a typical pantomime. The children explore a variety of playscripts and learn how to write their own. They select what they want to include in their performance and have the opportunity to decide upon the songs, scenery and costumes they wish to include. In Computing, they use a range of media to advertise thier pantomime; creating I-Movie trailers, and posters and tickets on Microsoft Word and/or Pages. The children love to take ownership of their production and enjoy performing it in front of their grown-ups and siblings. In addition to this, the children look at plants in Science. As we approach Easter, the children look at the Easter story and consider how Easter makes them feel. In Maths, the children focus upon fractions. 

Invaders   (Summer 1)

Quality Text: 'The Dragon Snatcher' by M.P. Robertson 

During this half-term, the children enhance their understanding of the history of England. The children participate in their own invasions to demonstrate the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England, creating their own shields and Viking longboats, in preparation. The picture book, 'The Dragon Snatcher,' provides the children with a range of creative writing opportunities and provides a fantastic model for the children to learn and adapt to create their own egg stories. Some children participate in the optional Year 3 residential camping trip, where they participate in adventurous and outdoor activities. In Maths, the children  continue to develop and apply their fraction knowledge, before moving onto shape. In Science, the children investigate light.

Whole School theme (Summer 2)

Quality Text: TBC

The children will consider what it means to be healthy - physically, mentally and emotionally. The children will start their swimming sessions in Summer 2 and will participate in competitive  games, including rounders, athletics and Sports Day. In Maths, this half-term, the children will focus upon measure and data handling. In Science, the children develop their knowledge of magnets and explore forces.


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Home Tasks 

In Year 3, we expect the children to read at home with an adult 3 times a week. Each read should be recorded in their Reading Record.

We aim to provide children with a range of homework activities to prepare for or consolidate their classroom learning.  One piece of homework is set each week. This will have a Maths, English or topic focus. Homework will be given out on a Friday and should be completed by the following Tuesday, unless otherwise instructed.

In addition to this, the children will have a weekly spelling test, which normally takes place on a Friday morning. It is important that the children know how to spell these words, can recongise any spelling patterns and understand their definitions so they can apply them into their writing. 

Mulitiplication table knowledge is essential as a building block for all maths skills. We expect the children to know their 10, 5, 2, 4, 8 and 3 times tables by the end of Year 3. It is important that the children take time to learn these at home.

Current homework tasks:

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Curriculum Map

In Year 3 we cover a broad and balanced curriculum, in order to develop well-rounded individuals. Below you will find copies of the curriculum maps, for both the core and foundation subjects, showing what the children are expected to know by the end of Year 3.