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Year 4

In Year 4 we continue to provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum that allows for creative thinking and the development of independent skills. We aim to teach this through a range of fun and exciting activities which underpin the learning of key skills across the curriculum. Furthermore, this year there will be a strong emphasis on the development of children’s mathematical and English skills, preparing them for the challenges of the Upper Key Stage Two curriculum.

Year Group Information

Class 4K

Teacher & Year Group Leader: Mrs Keen

Teaching Assistants:  Miss Barlow, Mrs Armitage

PE: None this half term

Field: Wednesday & Friday

Music: Wednesday morning

French: Wednesday morning


Class 4V

Teachers: Miss Vernon

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Johnson

PE: Wednesday & Friday

Field: None this half term

Music: Wednesday morning

French: Wednesday morning


Class 4S

Teacher: Miss Staples

Teaching Assistants: Mrs McDonald & Ms Pursall

PE: None this half term

Field: Wednesday & Friday

Music: Wednesday morning

French: Wednesday morning


Class 4Y

Teacher: Miss Yates

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Derbyshire

PE: Wednesday & Friday

Field: None this half term

Music: Wednesday morning

French: Wednesday morning



A Picture in Time (Autumn 1 and 2)

Quality Texts: 'The Stone Age Boy' and 'The Time Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess.'

During this theme, the children take a step back in time to study the early civilization periods of the Stone Age and Ancient Egypt.

In Autumn 2, we will also be performing our Christmas production.

Going, going, gone..? (Spring 1)

Quality Texts: 'The Great Kapok Tree' by Lynne Cherry.

The children will learn about South America, the Amazon Rainforest and issues surrounding culture, livelihoods and the impact of deforestation in the conservation of wildlife and traditions.

Asia (Spring 2)

Quality Texts: 'The Firework Maker's Daughter,' by Philip Pullman.

Imagine (Summer 1)

Quality Text: Alice in Wonderland

Click here for our year group overview

Home Tasks 


In Year 4, we expect children to read at home with an adult 3 times a week. In addition to this, children should complete independent reading daily and this should be recorded in their Reading Record. 

We want all children to continue to develop a love of reading and to continue to engage and enthuse the children to read at least 3 times a week at home, we have launched the 2020 Year 4 Reading challenge.

In the back of your child’s diary is a checklist of different types of books your child could pick to read e.g. A non-fiction book, a book that has won an award or a book that makes them laugh, from which children can take interest in and make choices of what they would like to read. Only 1 book can be used against 1 option on the checklist and upon completing the challenge, the children will receive a certificate that will be presented in assembly.

This will run alongside the school wide Reading Lottery, where 3 reads means a raffle ticket and furthermore, any child that completes a Book Review for the Year Group display about something they have read will receive an extra raffle ticket that week towards the Reading Lottery.


We aim to provide children with a range of homework activities to prepare for or consolidate their classroom learning. Homework will be given out on Friday to be finished by the following Tuesday unless otherwise instructed. Usually, there will be a 20 minute task relating to English, Maths and/or our current Theme. See Homework Books for guidelines and expectations. 

In Autumn 2, Spring 2 and Summer 2 terms, a whole-school homework project will be set instead of weekly homework. Details of which will be sent out via the newsletters.


Each week, your child is given a focus objective and examples of words being discussed and taught in class. We ask that you continue to look at these with your child at home by discussing patterns, learning how to spell the words and finding alternative words. If interactive, online activities are something that engage your child, please look at the following website, which is free to access: .

Multiplication Tables

Times table knowledge is essential as a building block for all maths skills. We expect the children to know all their times tables off by heart, up to 12x12. It is important that the children take time to learn these throughout the week.  The children will complete a times tables test each week, working on a specific table until they know it thoroughly and then moving onto the next table.

With the Department of Education Multiplication Test coming up in June, we also want to equip your child with confidence, resilience and their best understanding of the multiplication tables up to 12x12. Therefore, to encourage the children to continue to engage with learning their multiplication and division facts, ‘Battle of the Bands,’ has been launched on TT Rockstars

Throughout the coming months, the Year 4 classes will be in competition with one another to score points by participating in the numerous games on TT Rockstars. An opportunity to partake in these competitions will be provided each week in class time, but we would also like you to encourage your child’s participation further at home. Logins for this are in the back of your child’s reading diary and/or homework book.


Maths Links:

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Theme Links:

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